Reference from Tower Hamlets.

Reference from Friends of Victoria Park.


"Brixton is one of the most vibrant destinations in London and the UK. We have a diverse provision of small and large businesses, independent stores, award winning markets and a thriving night-time economy with some exciting live music and hospitality venues.

Brixton is a dynamic place to do business and the Lovebox and Citadel events in 2018 will offer a real boost to local businesses. MAMA Festivals will give local young people an opportunity to work in the entertainment and events sector and to gain a further foothold in this industry through constructive apprenticeships. MAMA Festivals bring with it over 13 years of successfully delivering these events in Victoria Park. We will now see many of these benefits locally; crowd management and dispersal, large event organisation and post-event clean-up. These events provide a valuable increase in local daytime footfall and business, and will establish Brixton nationally and internationally as a successful festival events destination."
Michael Smith (Brixton BID Managing Director) - Brixton BID


"Electric Brixton is looking forward to working with Mama festivals next summer and welcoming them to the area. We welcome the extra business the events will bring to the local night time economy. As a local business we understand the need for a consultation process, and we look forward to working with MAMA to reduce any local inconvenience and helping them transition to the local area, provided Mama Festivals pay attention to residential sensitivities and act accordingly they have our full support. They have a good track record of involving the local youth culture in their events and the demand from young people in this area for these events is very high."
Mike Weller (CEO) - Electric Brixton


"Lovebox were the perfect music youth partner for Reprezent in 2017. Their role went beyond the funding of our work with young adults as they fully understood the needs of the trainees involved. Consistently active attending many of the training sessions over 3 months and providing vital insight and inspiration for the young minds on the course. At the end of our training in east London Lovebox provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to put the trainee's newly learnt music broadcast and event skills into practice as they enabled Reprezent to broadcast live for from their festival. Individuals gained both practical and relevant experience and totally connected with the Lovebox opportunity as they lived within the community of east London where Lovebox was so established.

The young adults involved achieved vital skills and confidence they'd never had before in school or in their lives. All trainees are now actively involved within music and many have taken on full time roles at the Reprezent station and now mentor and inspire future trainees - a life changing experience.” We are looking forward to moving this relationship further forward in the community of Lambeth where Reprezent and so many of its contributors are based."
- Reprezent


"This year over one hundred of our students had the opportunity to volunteer or perform at Lovebox 2017. This opportunity is absolutely transformative for our trainees who all wish to pursue careers in the creative industries. Twenty trainees had the opportunity to open the Main Stage on both days which is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is now the fourth year we have partnered with Lovebox and their team have always shown a real commitment to the support and development of the trainees at ELAM. The creative industry is extremely exclusive and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minority groups struggle to break into roles due to a lack of access or meaningful work experience. Lovebox have shown a real commitment to supporting individuals from these backgrounds by partnering with us over the last three fours and providing these experiences."
- ELAM (East London Arts & Music )


“Partnering up with Lovebox this year to raise funds and increase awareness about the refugee crisis was nothing short of incredible. Being on site both days with backstage presence as well as a tent on the main site helped us reach so many people. RTF volunteers spent their days fundraising via buckets, painting henna, interviewing artists backstage about the importance of helping others in difficult situations and more. Festival goers were extremely passionate in donating and many young people reached out to us after asking how to get involved to help the charity long term through humanitarian campaigns, making food/hygiene parcels and raising further awareness via social media.”
Road to Freedom – Syrian Refugee charity


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