Based on our previous events at Victoria Park, we have extensive experience of the audiences leaving and arriving via a 1km route from the park to the main transport hub.

The proposed departure route to Brixton retains the audience within the park as much as possible.

The proposed plan makes Herne Hill Station outbound only at certain times, which will divert the audience towards Brixton for onward travel or going out.

As with Victoria Park we will ensure the routes are lined with Security/Stewards, litter points, toilet blocks and sign posts.

We currently have a Safety Advisory Group (Local Authority, Police, Fire, Medical etc.,) who scrutinise our plans in relation to event safety and delivery. Local Authority officers check arrangements in real time to ensure compliance with plans.

Additionally, we will create a Community Advisory Group to review and monitor arrangements in relation to local issues both pre-and during the event and this dedicated Community website to ensure regular two-way communications with our Brockwell Park neighbours.