MAMA Festivals is keen to establish a Community Advisory Group, which will be established early on and made up of local activists and stakeholders.  This group will review, discuss and establish key issues, arrangements and areas during the organisation of the event. We will also establish a Community Charter; the aims of the community charter are detailed below.

Community Charter

·      We will explain what we are doing throughout the planning and delivery stages of the event.

·      We will listen to all points of view and take all considerations into account as far as practicable.

·      We will report things transparently and be honest where things don’t work out the way we hoped.

·      We will undertake public engagement to help shape our event and feed into the planning process.

·      We intend to set up a Community Advisory Group at which key issues affecting the local community can be discussed.

·      We will create a dedicated Community website, email address and twitter account and ensure regular two-way communications.

·      We will aim to fix things which aren’t working as soon as practicable.

·      We will take your concerns seriously and aim to deal with them as quickly as possible.

·      We will operate a resident and local business’ phone line - coming soon.

·      We will set up a dedicated, all year-round e-mail address ( and Twitter account (coming soon) for residents and local business and we promise to respond within 24 hours.

·      We will attend meetings of the Community Advisory Group and all public engagement meetings to meet with you in person.