MAMA Festivals will deliver a detailed plan of community benefits, which will include:

• Contribution to the Park Investment Levy.

• A commitment to take on five full time apprentices from within Lambeth on 18 month paid   contracts to gain entry level experience in the music industry.

• Priority employment opportunities to local residents and priority trading opportunities to  local food traders.

• Free/discounted tickets to local residents via a ballot system.

• Annual donations to the Brockwell Park Friends Group and additional contributions direct to the Brockwell Park MAC where possible.

•  Building on our existing partnership with Brixton youth organisation, Reprezent, to provide  even greater opportunities for their participants to gain skills and experience.

• Involving as many local groups and organisations in the event as possible so that it truly feels like Lambeth’s own.

We are sensitive to the needs and concerns of the local community, Park users, residents and businesses. Through the Safety Advisory Group, Consultations and the Community Advisory Group and website we aim to incorporate all feedback as best we can during the planning and delivery of the event.

We will invest a significant amount of time and money in delivering a wide program of benefits to the local community. As well as the Park Investment Levy, we are working closely with Lambeth Council to deliver financial benefits to the Lambeth Country show through opportunities to share infrastructure between the two events.

We aim to create an event that reflects the rich cultural and musical history of the area and to bring a world-class event to Lambeth and to be seen to be a positive force for the area overall.